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Nicole & Ashwin - Pretty - Hearty - Happy

When I first met Nicole and Ashwin for their pre-wedding photo session at The Manor, little did I know what prettiness I was destined to witness for their big day.

Nicole and Ashwin started their big day with Champagne pops (yes at 10 in the morning) day at the littlest and prettiest boutique hotels in Delhi, The Manor so aptly known as the Urban Oasis. And how The Millennial Bridesmaid transformed this space with the little hearty details was simply beautiful.

Really; I would love to tell you in person, how emotional the ceremony was for everyone, how ecstatic the small crowd of their closest loved ones was for their vows amidst the greens, but instead, I’ll show you photos of how perfectly the light felt, how welcoming the warm lights of their reception dinner were, and also my favorite shot from this whole set would be the very nervous Ashwin and the officiator immediately before Nicole's entry.

I just can't get over how much I love clicking Christian weddings. They are serene yet such full of heart, honesty and presence.

This day was you know...just so happy; and this is how it went.

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