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Experience a Memorable Covid Wedding at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi:

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Witnessing a wedding at the stunning Hyatt Regency in New Delhi was an absolute pleasure, especially since it marked my first visit to this exquisite venue. From the very moment I met Isha, the bride-to-be, while she was getting ready with her trusted confidante, Jasmeet Kapany, it felt as if we had known each other forever. The anticipation and excitement in the air were palpable, and every detail of the day seemed perfectly aligned. Meanwhile, Dhruv, the groom, had a blast getting ready with his friends, leaving no opportunity for the camera to miss capturing their candid moments. The energy and camaraderie were infectious, setting the tone for an incredible celebration.

Despite the challenges posed by Covid, Isha and Dhruv's wedding day was a dream come true. With a gathering of 50 cherished guests, including 30 close friends, the couple was overwhelmed by the love and support they received. After numerous postponed plans, their families were overjoyed to finally witness this union.

The ceremony itself was a serene affair, reflecting the couple's modern Indian style and their profound love for each other. The intimate setting perfectly complemented the romantic ambiance, resulting in a truly memorable experience for everyone involved.

There was music, dancing, smiles, kisses and beauty everywhere,

and this is how their day went.