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Anupriya &Jayansh - Getting candid and real.

A common question I get asked is "How much time do we need to get a pre-wedding couple shoot done?" To which I generally ask, how much time do you have? Have gone ahead and shot pre-weddings now ranging from a one-hour shoot to a 3 days long. On a personal note, I love the first option - One hour, one location, teeniiieee bit of directed movements, a pinch of weird jokes, lots of awkward laughs and some chit chatting later - I do manage get some raw and real smiles and come up with a story of a day well spent together.

This is how the day starts 10/10 times...

And just 10 minutes into the shoot...walking, talking and with a lil bit of help from the winter sun and breeze, Anupriya and Jayansh open up to the camera and the black box in front of them is not much of a hoopla now!! Another reason, I love to do pre-wedding shoots, I get to know the couples first hand and yes, they get to be comfortable in front of camera that isn't a phone!

Anupriya and Jayansh, hope these pictures remind you forever that how easy it is for you both to be with each other and how easily you both can make each other laugh - candid and real both!!


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