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Gurpreet Shiv - Comfort, Joy and Ease.

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Love always has a level of comfort, joy and a sense of ease. Gurpreet and Shiv were exactly that. Together, they felt just two peas in a pod...meant to be together.

It was awesome seeing these two have their cute lil moments, stealing looks across the room and never leaving a chance to hug each other. There never was a dull moment around them, coz either there would be a quirky joke at everybody's disposal or they would just happily be their fashionable best for the camera (Huh!! we did have our paparazzi feel moments as photographers)!!

Their families were just as warm and welcomed us with open arms. So much so forth that we really had to give it in finally on the wedding day to have whisky before chicken tikkas (Gurpreet's dad had an army kinda order for us) and after a very long time, all of us had a heavy throat after hearing Shiv's mother's wedding toast. I personally had a tough teardrop moment again when I was lucky to quickly catch hold of Shiv's parent's for a quick chit-chat for the wedding film. It was indeed one of those moments I would personally cherish forever, after hearing what they both had to talk about being a family, losing a child, raising Shiv, and finding love with Sonia (as they fondly call Gurpreet). I'm content that I could give someone the space to talk and share some of their fondest and saddest memories in all its honesty.

The wedding day seemed like one giant family hug. While everyone cheered on and came together to celebrate togetherness, Gurpreet and Shiv got married with nothing but smiles. And for us, we wrapped up this wedding, with great food, lots of memories, and indeed the luckiest of charms for us to have kickstarted the 2020 wedding season with.