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And sometimes we are left with just pictures.

“Suddenly you can just feel a fresh whiff of flowers or a peck on your cheek and it can keep people alive. That’s what a picture can do!”

Believing in the power and magic of a picture, has been my only guiding source of light and move from strength to strength.

And what makes me believe in what I do, and why I really like being a photographer....

  1. The chance I get to meet like-minded people from around the world. Destiny has it all written, they find me or I find them, but somehow I end up meeting some creative and happy souls in love from all over the world. 

  2. You see a picture, it’ll be an instant time travel. Suddenly you can just feel a fresh whiff of flowers or a peck on your cheek. It can keep people alive. That’s the power of a picture! And in the remotest of the corners of your brain there will be a fond recollection of the person who clicked that picture for you, that would instantly make you smile. Even if it’s for a second. Well, that’s the power of a photographer! to grab that tiniest of memory mindspace, that cuts through time.

The Journey

Having a lot of bad pictures at my own wedding, was good enough to get me frustrated enough and be a little curious, as to how does one gets some good pictures clicked. And hence began this journey of self-realization and creative upheaval. 


With a very curious soul, and a keen desire to find beauty, it started with this dialogue...

"I love clicking pictures". I just got a little more carried away and have thereon; just blindly followed my gutt and seen the world with my lense more, rather than my bare eyes.

Today, almost 4 years in this creative journey...I won't say I'm at my creative peak, but there definitely is a voice of my own. A voice that transitions in creating art that has seen light of some of the best of national and international wedding media. But some of my most proud moments as an artist in this genre of photography, are the heartfelt thank you notes I get from some spirited souls I get to meet. 

Published work
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