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What's perfect?

As a wedding photographer, this current pandemic era has indeed given me a lesson that a "perfect" wedding day does not exist. With the ever changing scenarios for clients, we as storytellers need to step-up a notch, be all the more watchful and sensitive to the surroundings and weave in a perfect narrative of the big day. And be all the more responsible of our presence; if you along with the bride Ishu, come to know just two days in advance that your roka turned into an finally your wedding day now!!

This wedding is proof that you should marry the person who knows how to take up the responsibility of the smaller things that often get missed - holding hands, looking and smiling, getting a little goofy and silly for pictures and not forgetting to take a cute selfie before every event. And how to share the things you love with the people you love the most.

Marry someone who longs to celebrate with you; for you.

Everything from the mountain views at JW Mussorie, fresh florals by Panchhi Events to an engagement ring of dreams, family laughs and tears, this wedding felt personal, beautiful and perfect for a new beginning.