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Sharika & Ruhan - Straight from the heart

A sceninc, heartwarming and authentic Kashmiri Nikah at Nigeen Club, Srinagar...straight from the heart.

This place, this wedding and these's the closest to home I'v felt at a wedding. I got married 10 years ago just like this in my village in Jalandhar, when the only thing I knew as a bride was that "I want to wear a pink lehenga!" and today, I could be your part-time wedding planner.

Coming back to this day...Absolutely zero frills, no flashy labels, the comfort and peace of being home, and being amidst a vibe straight from the heart.

The fondness of these pictures is for sure gonna grow over time, but as of today...I thank god for planning this heartwarming rendezvous with these two. I'v made new friends and now have a home in Srinagar!