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Nicole & Ashwin - A lot like Sunshine

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

A question that I get asked a lot for engagement shoots is "how much time would you need to click to do what you do." And my answer pretty much is the same every time...An hour or two max, considering we're dealing with mango people and there would be a little time needed to warm up to the camera. And I dunno why do I always get a 'hmmmmm' kinda reply t0 this. You know right, when we say 'hmmmm'...hahahahahahaha.

On this happy bright day, apart from meeting two very amazing human beings and getting to know about their wacky drunk proposal story in Bali...I really wanted to showcase how an hour or two max is enough of a time to actually freeze some smiles and kisses. Would definitely have to credit the pretty nooks at The Manor as well, that just made a perfect backdrop for this session.

This whole session, courtesy Nicole and Ashwin who excel at being very amazingly goofy around each other and are adept at one very important thing about being and staying in love - make each other laugh, sometimes for just no reason also. Now isn't that an amazing life skill!!

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