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Suhani &Josh - Little big days

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

This quaint little Fort Tijara, would be one of my favorite wedding venues. And I probably try my best to never leave an opportunity to cover a wedding here, because I know its going to be an intimate affair amidst some vintage aura (always on such lookouts).

Suhani and Josh's Indo-fusion wedding here, would be two amazing days that had; amazingly clear blue skies, kites, major major dancing, laughing, crying, a cricket match (yes in between an Indian wedding), lots of singing (Suhani has her own jazz band, now u can imagine) most importantly some of the most personal and heartfelt wedding speeches.

The more of these love stories I get lucky to be a part of, the secrets of falling and staying in love open up. These two days for sure were a proof that the easiest and indeed the best ways to let anyone know; they're important or are loved; is to just tell them. Opening up yourself, and talking needs courage and that pretty much is the starting point for building a relationship.

This would be a looooooong one to go through, coz just way too much happy happened and considering the goldfish memory I have, I personally need such throwbacks to just live off these two little big days it all over again.

Suhani and Josh thanks for having us.

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