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Instagram tutorial #5

Upgrade your Instagram stories with some quirky, fun, classy and unique stickers...there are bazillions of them, absolutely free! Just need to type in the right words.

Add a casual handwritten cursive font to your Instagram Stories with this "cursive" sticker.

Pip and Cricket is an international wedding stationery studio and their hand painted illustrations and bespoke wedding stationery designs are a nothing less than trendsetting. They have graced Instagram with some of their trademark watercolor stickers,

that add a classy and fine-art pastel finesse to your Instagram stories.

Just type in "pipandcricket" and explore a range of stickers for your

wedding pictures or if you just want to create something pretty.

Having greens on your mind, type in "leaves" and get a wide range of

foliage options to play around with.

Hanmade is a graphic design studio based out of Sacremento, California; that excels in simple yet meaningful visual branding. A lot of Hanna's (the Han in Hanmade) work is straight out of love and just very clean and pretty. Looking out add a bit

of textual finesse to your stories...Try out "hanmade"

Also who does not like washi tapes to play around with...

just type "tapes"'ll thank me someday!

I was about to wrap up this tutorial, when I discovered this randomly on Google during my research for this blog. Had to share it! Type in "lizaproc" it's colorful, boho much, cute and definitely a lot of fun to play around with.


Saw go ahead try it and do tag us on Instagram if you get creative with this tutorial.

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