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Instagram tutorial #7

For the love of photography, all you need is to keep things neat and simple.

Two simple elements clubbed to make one pretty story.

Start by tapping the CREATE mode on stories.

Tap on the scribble icon on the top right corner. Tap the color picker and choose a color. Now long press the screen and the background will change to the color you just selected.

Since I selected white, the background is white now.

Exit Instagram (don't worry, the creative will not disappear). Open your phone's gallery, long press the picture you would want to start creating with. A drop-down menu like this shall appear (only for iPhone users) and then proceed by clicking 'copy'.

Re-open Instagram, and the latest copied picture shall appear as a

sticker at the bottom right corner of the Story.

Click the sticker and place it on the story panel.

For the text, click the sticker icon (the square smiley icon on the top panel of stories)

and type "saffronavenue". A list of awesome stickers pop up.

This range of stickers is indeed a personal favorite.

Selected the "Love" sticker that has a good animation effect as well.

Keeping things neat and simple for the love of photography.


Saw go ahead try it and do tag us on Instagram if you get creative with this tutorial.

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