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Instagram tutorial #4

Create a Moodboard collage creative in Instagram Stories directly.

No additional app required.

Tap on the STORY icon and start creating a new story by tapping the Double A create icon.

The screen turns into a color palette that Insta stories picks up by it's choice.

It might be a different color at your end. So do not worry. Just needs to be a solid color.

Tap on "Type something" (Just tap) and press next.

The top icon panel appears now, and now tap the scribble icon.

Choose the color of your choice. This color will be the base of your whole creative.

I'v selected white as a base to work with.

Long press and the screen color changes to the one you have recently selected.

In this case white.

These are the additional creatives that I downloaded on my phone from

and kept handy.

We are working on a collage so would need multiple pictures. Start importing all the pictures one by one into your stories as separate layers.

Exit Instagram (do not worry, the current creative will not be lost);

go to your phone's gallery and long press the picture you want to be imported.

A list of options shall appear, choose Copy.

Go back to Insta stories, and the current copied pictures shall appear as a Sticker

on your stories. Click on the sticker and import the picture.

Repeat the process with another picture.

Exit Instagram, go to phone gallery, long press and select copy.

Re-open Instagram and tap on the sticker to import the picture.

Start aligning the picture as per your creative sensibilities.

Repeat the process with all the other elements of the moodboard you want to create.

As the pictures get imported as a sticker, keep on taping the picture to bring them

forward or backward w.r.t the other picture element.

Example - In the picture above, the butterfly image is above the hand picture.

Single tap the butterfly picture and it goes behind the hand image.

Repeat the process of importing more elements of the moodboard.