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Azmat & Azeem - Something Heavenly

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

After being a witness to so many real life love stories, there's a thing or two I can proclaim about knowing about this feeling of 'being in love'...

It brings you back to home...

It brings your peace...

And it brings you memories that make you feel not an iota weird when smiling all alone.

This very brief rendezvous with Azmat and Azeem would definitely go in the section of "perfect strangers" turned to "I should have met them earlier in life" turned to an "Updated friends list" in my life journal. That's how the joy of Love helps you connect the dots and believe in sheer destiny.

Lucky to meet these two who make me value the absolute comfort of warm hugs and silent moments of togetherness.


Locations -

- Shalimar Bagh, Srinagar

- Nishath Bagh, Srinagar

- Highland Park, Gulmarg

Costumes -

- Phirans from Azmat's mom's and aunty's closets

- Greem dress - self designed and styled by Azmat

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