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Tulika & Prabh - A simple day

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

This session started with just a very tiny and small question - How would you both like to spend one day off-the-grid as?

And the answer was simple enough - just amidst some greens, fresh air, some time being off the phone and wear something peach. Eazziiiee breeziee!! But just a small catch - Tulika and Prabh wanted something like this in a close vicinity of the city. Fair enough and that's how you get started to master the art of un-complicating life.

Happy to have bumped into V Resorts Farm Stay that would definitely be one of the good options to enjoy feeling a little lost for a while and still being amidst the hustle. Snooked in one of the bylanes of Chattarpur, this is all we needed - good greens and some private space.

This session, is special for a reason that its something that does not portray being someone else's extraordinary best; but on the contrary it's about the joy of being the best of your "own" version. This session is special, coz it's simple. Simplicity which is hard to crack nowadays

Simple pictures of two people happy with each other.

Simple pictures of dancing to badly self-sung songs.

Simple pictures that make you remember what a good journey we have been together.

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