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Gurpreet & Shiv - Green warm vibes only

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

When you want to get away, feel isolated or have your own around nature. Chandigarh would my absolute favorite cities to click in, coz it's so easy to find these little pockets of nature just amidst the busiest spots of the city. Every sector is supposed to have a park garden as per the city plan. How very cool and thoughtful is that!

Gurpreet and Shiv found their lovely greens in the Army Cantonment area of Chandigarh (thanks to Gurpreet's dad) and then it was just walking the trails in the area and surprisingly finding old trains that awesomely fitted to be a part of their engagement session because there's just something old worldly patient and halting about trains. We walked along, adventured to find an old garden, laughed, and soaked in some sun.

And this is how our day went.


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