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Aishwarya & Raunak - To being present

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Well a common question I get asked - how much time would be needed to get the kind of pictures you click during an exclusive couple session?

As a much as the word pre-wedding photoshoot has been commercialized, hyped and glammed up, to me as a storyteller; this is that one exclusive time frame I get with the couple to open up to me and the camera. Let's just face the fact...we are mango people and as much as anyone would tell you to relax and be yourself, it takes some settling time to get accustomed internally to be in front of a camera, that isn't your phone. I'm accompanied by a camera pretty much everywhere, and know my angles and poses, but when in front of the camera...till date the first 5 minutes are just being totally blank! So for people who just have been in front of phone cameras or selfies till date, being in front of the camera is indeed an alien concept. To me the topmost priority for these pre-wedding sessions is to get started with calming the nerves first and then move on to being a mini director while cracking the worst of jokes!

This post would be a good reflection to this thought. This whole session with Aishwarya and Raunak at the Chomu Palace was done in 2-3 hours; which involved walking around; chasing light, exploring hidden nooks around the whole property and meanwhile getting to know what makes these two click. It was pretty much meeting Aishwarya and Raunak for the first time, after the long phone calls from Singapore...a few hellos and hugs was interesting to know their amazing love story of Cricket and Jewellery; that would be the topic for another post.

Till then, lovely peeps reading short crisp answer to the question would be...a good time is till when you feel present and this shoot does not become another to-do task on your all ready looooong list of wedding tasks.

Here's to being present, laughing to goofy jokes and sometime trusting a photographer who would humbly ask you to sit at weird locations, and make you just hold a smile for 5 more second coz....sunlight lense flares are worth the patience.

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