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The kind of Love to fall in Love for.

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

As a wedding photographer, I'm lucky to see love happen and smiles flourish. I hear and see soooooooo many different stories. Summed up, all this has made me cherish and value some of the smallest deeds of love that we do, that unknowingly simply go unnoticed in our daily lives. 

This post (a first-of-a-kind) is just a humble attempt to bring into notice, all the little joys, that being in love, brings to our lives. Hope you read it, smile and smirk along, feel the butterfly tickles and shy along, escape for a moment from the never ending life-lists. And hopefully this makes you long to be with him/her now, as in like right now!

So what is this kind of love, to fall in love for!!

Totally personal as these expressed thought might be, a word of caution. These are words of a very old school 'aashiq'.

My kinda love is the one, that will start this session of an eternally-never-ending-list-of-ramblings (man!! if I can fit in so many words and one list of sentence, and made you read it as well! I must be having some powers.) with some hand scribbled hearts.

My kinda love is the one, that just smiled when I just thought of him, to think, actually what would be my kinda love? 

My kinda love is the one, that just wants to run to him right now. Yes, if I had super powers I would just wish to be magically transported near him on a magic rug. I would rush right now, in my jogger jeans, white turned cream t-shirt, sidey blue striped loafers (that were bought from a very famous boy's apparel store) and ever messy hair, just right now! to experience a 5 second heart thump when I get to see that so very iconic and ironic twinkly shy smile, in that first look. It's the look that every girl wants to be smiled at like. That smile which ironically, is extraordinarily big and is clubbed with funnily gross sounds and has an unstoppable contagiousness, yet at moments like this when he sees me for the first time, the smile turns into the minusculest one, yet still sends waves of sighs across an ocean. A stolen one from the people around, yet centered just at me balanced with that smile. My kinda love is to see this smile right now!

My kinda love is that, 10 seconds of silence that you feel when you first see him. This is the silence that makes you feel the most alive, you have ever been at any given moment. And the only reason is, coz you see him right there in front of you. Yes, he is there! with his smile that just got slightly bigger and made my heart thump the hardest for 10 seconds.

My kinda love is that, gentle yet a firm grip of his hand running around my waist when he first meets me. A touch so instinctive! This moment, when my fingers swoosh the soft hair of his head, and I feel my own warm breath around his neck. (Now this is the moment, when these feather tickles, make his smile turn into the cutest shy moments). The instant urge of him to look me in the eyes, at this very moment, and feel safe, relieved and alive! My kinda love is, this feeling of hush breath sighs when you feel alive with that moment of a single heartbeat.

My kinda love is that, warm feeling you get when you just step out of an air-conditioned coffee scented dungeon, into golden evening sunshine. It's experiencing that whiff of cool breeze when you pass a freshly watered garden. That 8 second relief of complete mind blankness with a quaint smile and some fuzzy thoughts!

My kinda love is that, who will play a song to start a conversation at the end of a hard days work. The happy-smirked-smile that you make on hearing that song you so wanted to hear when you least expected it...The electrifying-buzzing-feel-o-gravity-zone that we both experience on hearing that one cord of music, is my kinda vibe to jive.

My kinda love is the one, who will do imaginary walks and experiences the exact pauses and starts and instant gazes during a silent conversation as well, all so natural. It's in conversations like these, that you experience the true ying yang of love.

My kinda love is the one, that shall wrap a scarf whiffed with his favorite perfume, around my neck, and take small scarf-whiffing-breaks amidst the madness of the day, just to find that exact 10 seconds of complete bliss of being with him.

My kinda love is being the one, who will not want to wish to go back in life, to change a few things. But just to feel a couple of things twice.

My kinda love is being the one, who just had a mini heart bada-boom boom session, coz of the love palooza happening in my heart and head right now. Coz i'm just not able to figure out, where I stand with you, nor do I know what I mean to you. All I know is, that every time I think of you, I just want to be with you. (And I just gulped the whole bottle of water.)

My kinda love is being the one, who will never know all this in person, coz I know my mouth will never be able to translate all the things my heart says. Coz I'm just over-thinking and am scared that if he comes to know about all this, he might just get scared and leave me for being such a dangerously hopeless romantic.

My kinda love is being the one, who will not change my wallpaper, desktop or facebook profile images and screensavers postered with his pictures. It's being the one, who's just way too shy to accept the fact, that the ever-too-messy-hair-and-cussed-up-in-all-things-life kinda girl can get so lucky to be around a guy who's just all-things-good-nice-charming-happy-lovely-safe-right-warm-fuzzy-sweet-tangy-cute and perfect.

That's just me and my weird, strange kinda love, that I'v chosen to fall in love for.

And for all you...reading this, gooooooo, goooooooo right nooooooow and hug him or her. Just that 20 second looooooooooooooooong hug that ends up with forehead pecks and pink cheek kisses. Coz there's nothing more peaceful and safe than being loved by the love you choose.

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