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Varsha & Shubham - See what you have.

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

If you ask me what's the one thing that I strive to have my pictures speak, it would be to have them capture people in their states of naturalness and completely being themselves.

It's an endeavor every time to wanting to show expressions that come out only when the person is surrounded by loved ones or the environment that represents them. And thereby, sometimes people who are around you; who just seem to be becoming very much part of your lifeline...but hey, when was the last time you were thankful for your breath! Such people get their due important because now you have a few frozen seconds for your heart and sight, to see what gold you have with you.

Being a part of Varsha and Shubham's big day, was indeed a learning chapter for me to grow as a person behind the camera, and just be very observant of the hugs made, noses kissed and quirky big laughs exchanged.

Now join your hands and hearts to see how these two choose to live their big day forever.