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Paran & Prabh - Happy much

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I'm lucky to be in a profession that let's me meet new people and be remembered as a very tiny but significant chapter of their lives. For whenever they go back and relive their days through these pictures, they will remember the good work and a lotta heart put in by someone to make these moments forever lovable.

As for me, every shoot is a very fond recollection of the time spent and the laughs exchanged and most importantly seeing people open up and inviting me to be a part of their own little private world. I'm thankful for this trust.

Paran and Prabh are both super easy to be with and are just a hello away from opening up to their super awesome wedding plans that got ruined coz of Covid. But their spirit of celebrating their own little milestones of being together is what amazes me! Guys covid did postpone the good times for you and your families, but yeah in a way we would have never met then.

Lots of hugs were exchanged and I personally laughed a lot and this was pretty much how the day went.

And for everyone out there being a little quizzed and clueless about how to get couples to be comfortable in front of a camera that isn't a phone, this shoot was very much a step by step application of my very own rulebook on how to relaaaax and get people to be cool and honestly themselves in front of the camera.

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