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Kriti & Aayush - Patterns, colors and light

A simple ideology behind pre-wedding couple shoots, that i'v been able to develop over the years is to have three objectives to meet.

  • Get to know the couple what clicks for them and what does not.

  • Make them comfortable being themselves in front of a camera, that isn't a phone.

  • Have a photo narrative that tells the couple's story.

And ideally, wrap it all in 4-5 hours, because more than you; I absolutely loathe to capture jawline paining smiles. Simple right...Trust me when I say this, focus on these three things and something different might happen!

When thinking of a concept for these shoots, the one thing that I connect in most with the couples is; the sheer appreciations and understanding of art. Now, I am no gallery enthusiast or a art collector kinda soul (If I had the monies I would be one) but yeah...a general appreciation of going out of the normal and seeing frames of beauty at a few unusual spots would be a thing that excites me. Was totally lucky to have struck just the right cords with Kriti and Aayush on this one. To start with, both of them are architects, and all I had to do...was think was on the lines of finding some patterns, adding some colors and playing around with light. Isn't that what architects do!!

What started as just a push from my end to get some pictures clicked before the wedding in a casual attire...turned into a just a tad bit of an early morning shoot (@ 7am) at the Lodhi Art District in Delhi and this is how it went...Followed by a mini paratha break and wrapped up the day at the lobbies of the Architecture school where it all started.

Isn't this a good recollection of the journey you have been on together!


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