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Instagram tutorial #6

Create a "new post" reveal creative in Instagram stories. No additional app required.

Start with the STORY tab on your stories and tap the photo tab at the bottom left corner.

Import a picture of your choice from your phone's gallery,

The picture gets imported in a full scale zone on Insta stories by default. Not to worry.

Resize by twitching the picture with two fingers as per your liking.

The background gradient is what is created automatically by Insta stories depending on your picture colors. Cool feature I love about stories.

Add a new text.


Tap the color picker and choose the color that compliments the creative.

Add a new layer of the text and choose a different font.

Tried a few versions of colors and placement of this new text layer.

Playing around with the text placement

Finally found a placement that I liked. Tried some colors to make it look more holistic.

Looks fine to me!


Saw go ahead try it and do tag us on Instagram if you get creative with this tutorial.

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