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Instagram Tutorial #2

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Add a fun "scratch and reveal" effect for your pictures on Instagram stories.

No additional app required.

Click on STORY text of your Instagram stories and click on the photo icon

(the small square on the bottom left panel of your stories)

Your phone's photo gallery tab opens and now proceed to select the picture of your choice.

The selected picture opens up as a full screen mode by default in Instagram Stories.

The date also gets imported as a text, which can be removed.

Resize the picture by manually twitching the pictures with your fingers.

Now tap on the scribble icon on the top panel of your stories.

Select the color of your choice from the color picker.

Move the picker around the screen. Selected a pastel green to proceed with.

Once the color has been selected, go back and tap the scribble icon again and long press anywhere on the background. The whole screen's background color changes

to the color that you have just selected.

Now tap on the eraser icon that is there on the top panel on your Instagram stories.

Choose an appropriate width of the eraser button.

Start scribbling. Cool right!!

If you have a screen recorder on your phone, you could record this scribble and create a scribble and reveal video and use it as your video story or reel as well.

Now, let's add some stickers to enhance the design.

Tap on the sticker icon (the square smiley on the top panel of your stories) and type 'floral'. A lot of stickers pop up, considering the design, I choose something that is white, not to extravagant and a floral element that shall compliment the design. This looks good.

Added it to the frame.

I feel one more of this floral sticker would look good. Repeated the process and added one more sticker to enhance the design. This process is purely to soothe your creative aesthetics.

Feels like a text addition would make this design complete.

Considering the fine-art aesthetics of this particular design, selected the font

accordingly and kept the color of this font white.

For the final text "pretty", selected the same font but added this effect and played around a bit with the colors. Tap this Square A icon and you will be able to see

different font combinations of the text to play around with.

Tap the font button and choose the color palette icon.

Selected the same green as the background, which to me is one less color, that makes the whole design less cluttered and balanced. High-five fine-art minimal aesthetic souls!

Just some final tweaking of the stickers and adjusting the texts and to me it's good to go.


Saw go ahead try it and do tag us on Instagram if you get creative with this tutorial.

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