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Sunaina & Anmol - Happy with "You"

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Often as wedding photographers, we get this question asked "So how do get good pictures" or put it this way "what would you need from us; to do what you do to your best capability". My answer to this is always - your good health and whole hearted presence to own your big day. Simple enuff na!! And definitely not too much to ask for.

In short' our work as photographers is nothing without these smiles! The more of how you enjoy your big day, gets us clicking.

Sunaina and Anmol's intimate Chomu Palace wedding was all about being present and mostly just going with the flow of the number of tequilla shots everyone was upto. Plus having the vibe setters as Sunaina and Anmol was indeed butterscotch icing on vanilla cake :-)

Good light

Good music and..

Good vibes.

This is how two families celebrated.

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