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Khushbu & Raghav - Happy days

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

There were some sick Bollywood dance moves, crazy haldi smashes, laughing, crying, failed champagne pops, a white lehenga, a surprise bridal entry with smoke bombs, and one of the happiest first looks that could be...and mostly these two days with Khushbu and Raghav and their families was an experience of being amidst the most present people who treasure making the most of being with your loved one's.

I could actually talk at length at how ecstatic the small crowd of their closest loved ones was for their wedding ceremonies spread across two days, but instead, I’ll show you photos of how imperfectly perfect everything turned out to be.

Thankfully, destiny has it's strange ways of making happy meet happy and I got a chance to be present for their big day...and this is how their wedding went.