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Bharat & Mehak - No frills

In case you are on the lookout to have a bit of a change of view, enjoy some greenery and just have a pretty place to unwind and do nothing much over a weekend, this quaint little Airbnb called The Barn, Delhi; would just be the answer to it all.

Bharat and Mehak both planned a getaway for themselves before their big day hits next month in July, as a respite from the unending wedding planning in these times of Covid, and their smiles pretty much revealed it happy they were to just step away from it all.

For this shoot, all they wanted was to have their love and laughs documented, and have a memory milestone created for themselves. No frills, just some tickles, laughs, giggles and some honest moments of affection, this day was just so pleasantly surprising.

P.S - Created all in a matter of just 2 hours!! Extra brownie points to the super thoughtful staff at The Barn, for having kept the vibe up with their nicely curated playlist that was audible at every nook and corner of the property. Nice have good songs to chill to, where ever you might be sitting.

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