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Ankita & Surya - A favorite Spring kinda day

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

In an Indian wedding terminology, a small wedding gathering is around 300 people. Yes, we are that social. But in our hearts we all know who are the people we would actually love to spend our big day with. Very few are able to take that bold step of living their big day to its truest sense and surrounding themselves with only those who actually matter. And I feel why should you NOT! When you let go of the pressure of the society and plan your big day for yourself, that's when you choose your favorite colors.

This wedding at Kasmanda Palace, one of the quaintest nestled little vintage palace of Mussorie, happened all amidst rain, rain and rain that just stopped the night before for the sangeet and during the main feras which finally saw the sun shining. Had two love souls finally choose love above all society pressures and live that once-in-a-lifetime favorite spring kinda day.

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